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Media Sandbox Takes Students on Field Experience Trip to L.A.

June 29th, 2017

ComArtSci’s Media Sandbox took students from AdvertisingJournalismMedia and Information and Communication on a Field Experience Trip to Los Angeles this May. The group of 21, led by Karl Gude and Payal Ravani, visited major media companies hosted by Spartan alumni.

“This was our inaugural Sandbox student trip to visit media companies in Los Angeles,” said Gude. “The role of Sandbox in our college is to mix students up from different majors and with different interests and get them collaborating on projects and activities. This trip did just that.”

The goal of the L.A. study away was to introduce students to the variety of careers in the entertainment industry and Southern California job market, as well as give them the chance to network with professionals. According to Gude, this will be a yearly trip, and he hopes to extend it to new cities over time.

Monday, May 8 | Princess Cruises and AEG


Spartan alumnus Brian O’Connor (center back), VP for Public Relations for Princess Cruises with Sandbox students. O’Connor and others from PC’s integrated communications team spoke with the students about international PR, brand marketing, content strategy, special events and more.


Spartan Vanessa Shay, Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships, far right, shows Sandbox students around the Staples Center. Shay and her colleagues talked about what it takes to run the world’s largest entertainment company — including corporate sales, a TV network, talent acquisition, broadcast/multimedia production, special events, employee engagement and diversity initiatives and more.

Tuesday, May 9 | Country Music Television and FOX Sports/Studios


Visiting with Spartan Matt Trierweiler (left), VP of Development at Viacom’s Country Music Television (CMT). Reality exec, Jayson Dinsmore, also popped in to talk with the students. They both shared their experiences of working their way up in development and management of the TV industry.


(Left to right at the end of the table) Spartans Lauren Ford, Senior Director, Digital Marketing at FOX Sports, Steve Van Wormer, Senior Producer at Fox Sports, Jeff Antlocer, Vice President for On-air Promotion for Fox Sports and Stacey Batzer, Senior Creative Director at Fox Broadcasting Company visit with the students.

Wednesday, May 10 | Univision, Fullscreen Studios and Deutsch


The marvelous Haz Montana (far left), Vice President of Content at Univision Radio and a Spartan, hosted our group at Univision. He and his team talked with students about what it means to be the leading multimedia company serving Hispanic America, with a mission to inform, empower and entertain the community.

FullscreenSpartans Matt Gatson (standing rear, with beard) and Korey Kuhl and Tyler Oakley (seated left and right) host Sandbox students at Fullscreen Studios. Kuhl and Oakley shared their thoughts on how to stay relevant and genuine in a time when how we consume entertainment is rapidly changing.


Students with Mike Sheldon, Chairman & CEO of Deutsch North America. Sheldon shared his story, offered tried and true advice, and had the students take an oath: swearing that they have what it takes to get a job after college.

Thursday, May 11 | Los Angeles Times and NFL Network 


Students meet with Len DeGroot, director of data visualization, at the Los Angeles Times and sat in on a morning news meeting with the editorial staff to see journalism in action.


Spartan Richard Isakow, producer, hosted students for a studio tour, Q&A with executives and a live TV broadcast at the NFL Network.

Friday, May 12 | Freelance and mOcean

Nic Angell

Sandbox students visit with Spartan Nic Angell, a freelance film editor and post production supervisor. He conversed with students about life in Los Angeles and life as a freelancer in the entertainment industry.


Sandbox students get comfortable with Spartan Craig Murray, founder of mOcean on their visit to Los Angeles. Murray and his team of MSU alumni talked with students about their creative process and how the worlds of production and marketing are intertwined in the entertainment industry.

By Kaitlin Dudlets


Bollywood Study Abroad Film Premiere: Beneath the Banyan Tree

October 22nd, 2015

We recently completed the second year of our study abroad program in India titled, “Beyond Bollywood: A taste of Indian Media”. As a culmination of the production efforts on that program, we are proud to invite you for the premiere of “Beneath the Banyan tree”, a short film inspired by the student experiences in India.banyan-1024x814

This event is scheduled between 5pm and 6pm on the 22nd of October in Studio 134-D of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building on the MSU campus. Also featured at this event will be a Bollywood style dance video and behind the scenes video cataloging the journey within India and the associated learning experiences. There will be a chance to interact with the student producers after the playback.

This event is free and there is plenty of parking in the ramp behind the building.Light refreshments will be served. Family and friends are welcome.

Please join us in appreciating the efforts of these hard working students. View the Facebook event.

Beneath the Banyan Tree | Beyond Bollywood

October 19th, 2015

On Thursday, October 22nd, a short film – inspired by Spartan experiences in India during a Study Abroad titled “Beyond Bollywood: A taste of Indian Media” – will premiere at 5:00pm in Studio D of the CAS building!

The team says: “We recently completed the second year of our study abroad program in India titled, “Beyond Bollywood: A taste of Indian Media”. As a culmination of the production efforts on that program, we are proud to invite you for the premiere of “Beneath the Banyan tree”, a short film inspired by the student experiences in India. 11224602_1054837754540127_2174564590794293564_o Also featured at this event will be a Bollywood style dance video and behind the scenes video cataloging the journey within India and the associated learning experiences. There will be a chance to interact with the student producers after the playback. This event is free and there is plenty of parking in the ramp behind the building. Light refreshments will be served. Family and friends are welcome. Please join us in appreciating the efforts of these hard working students.”

Take their word for it – this project and short film screening will be spectacular. A reminder that study abroad experiences provide excellent opportunities to develop your skills in the field while observing other cultures and growing as a person! Consider coming out to this event to learn more about the study abroad trip and witness the result of many hours of dedication and hard work from other Spartans!

For more information on study abroad trips please visit MSU’s study abroad site!

Study Abroad Fair

October 15th, 2015

The Study Abroad Fair is a comprehensive information event for anyone interested in learning more about the many exciting study abroad opportunities available at MSU. Over 190 exhibits displaying information about MSU’s more than 300 programs will provide a one-stop shopping experience!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about exploring your major while also getting a taste of different cultures. Study Abroad experiences look great on a resume leave an astounding impression on participants. Learn more about yourself by taking advantage of one of the study abroad programs available to you through MSU!

Study Abroad Takes Students to Japan and South Korea

June 17th, 2015

The Department of Media and Information recently concluded its study abroad programs in Japan and South Korea, giving students the opportunity to speak with professionals in the game design industry and to experience a different culture.

The two Technology and Culture study abroad programs, led by Associate Professor Constantinos Coursaris and Assistant Professor Wietske Van Osch, offered students the opportunity to travel to Japan or South Korea or to attend both trips, which ran back to back.

Altogether, 24 students participated, and of those, nine students did both trips.

Media and Information junior Alberta Efaw was one of the students traveling to both Japan and South Korea. She said the experience reinvigorated her passion in game design.

“This really solidified my determination to become a game designer,” Efaw said. “I think the most informational company visit was to iNiS. They gave a real look into what life is like for a game designer and really encouraged us to ask any and all questions we had about the field.”

Japan-Study-AbroadStudents visited three companies in Korea and six while in Japan, including video game developer iNiS.

“I got the chance to do a little bit of networking and watched several other students do the same,” Efaw said. “I think that’s something that probably doesn’t get mentioned about this program enough, you meet all of these incredibly interesting people and you get to talk to them and form relationships that could help you when you are looking for jobs.”

In addition to visiting companies, students also visited universities, shrines, castles and museums in several different cities and took in unique cultural experiences, like having a Kobe beef dinner and lunch at a maid café.

“One of the best parts of the trip was Dr. Coursaris and Dr. Van Osch,” Efaw said. “They were both incredibly dedicated to making sure we had a great time and learned as much as we could.”

The Technology and Culture study abroad programs are the only faculty led programs from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences that travel to Asia.

“There are tremendous intrinsic experiences that the Technology and Culture programs afforded our students,” Coursaris said. “There has consequently been personal growth for both faculty and students and we are overwhelmed by the student’s appreciation.”

Studying abroad—twice the fun!

August 29th, 2013

Study abroad
2013-14 Homecoming Court ambassador Elliot Zirulnik is participating in his second study abroad trip while at MSU. He shares what his experiences living and learning abroad have been like.

I am one of a very fortunate few students who have participated in two study abroad programs during their time at MSU. Every time I think about the locations I have visited and the unforgettable sights I have seen, a wave of awe, gratitude, and disbelief runs through my body. Most spectacularly of all, nearly all of my expenses have been covered by scholarships!

My major is media and information but I have long maintained an admiration for the animal kingdom. I chose to expand my academic boundaries and participate in a fisheries and wildlife program set in South Africa where our days were filled with safaris. Countless hours were spent searching for elephants, cheetahs, hyenas, lions and baboons. The vehicle from which we viewed the animals was the classroom and the dramatic savannah landscape was our textbook.

Over the course of that four-week program, I learned more about biology and conservation than I could have in an entire semester of classes in East Lansing. There is nothing that drives home the concept of predator-prey relationships more effectively than watching a pride of lions feast on a warthog!

I am currently in Malaysian Borneo as part of a zoology study abroad program. The focus of this course is rainforest ecology, a far cry from the dry grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa. Identifying the differences and similarities between the two regions is a total joy.

Participating in study abroad programs has allowed me to witness things I had never even dreamed were a possibility. Just the other day, for example, I watched a school of clownfish swim in and out of their anemone home. That symbiotic relationship had been drilled into my head since kindergarten and there I was witnessing it in person! In South Africa, I saw dozens of zebra crowd around a watering hole as hippos and crocodiles bathed just a few yards away. It was like something out of a classic Hollywood adventure film.

If you are intent on studying abroad but aren’t sure how to make it financially feasible, start by looking into scholarships from your department, college and sources outside of MSU. Be sure to investigate funding that isn’t explicitly intended for study abroad as this can also be used to cover program expenses.

There are literally thousands of scholarships out there and at least a handful are intended for someone exactly like you. Hone the skills you feel would make you a more competitive candidate (leadership, writing, community service, etc.) and demonstrate them through as many avenues as possible. If studying abroad is something you really want to do, I promise you can make it happen. Like anything else in life, all it takes is some hard work and determination!

– See more at:

Documentary Film In Milan, Italy-Summer 2013

February 11th, 2013

milan flyer

Want to make a film in one of Italy’s most exciting cities? Milan is the home of great food, fantastic fashion, music and art of every kind, and warm and engaging people. It’s a great place to spend  5 weeks, and an even better place to make a documentary, and learn about  Italian films and filmmakers. You can join award winning filmmaker Bob Albers and Professor Steve Rachman to learn about Italian culture, documentary filmmaking and the city of Milan. We’ll probably take a train to Rome as well, so think about that for a fantastic summer excursion.

Information Meeting: Tuesday, February 12 , 5:15 pm and Wednesday February 13, 5:15 pm Room 266 Com Arts

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