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Sandbox Students Take Home 53 ADDY Awards

February 26th, 2013

ADDY-winning studentsThursday night was the 2013 Mid-Michigan ADDY Awards Ceremony, hosted by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) at the MSU Union. The ADDY Awards are the advertising and marketing industry’s largest and most recognized competition, receiving more than 50,000 entries annually. Thursday evening’s “Mad Men”-themed ceremony was the local ADDY competition, and finalists move on to the regional ADDYs and then to the national ADDYs. Last year, two CAS students won National ADDY Awards.

This year, CAS students won 53 ADDY Awards: 1 Student Best of Show, 13 gold, 20 silver and 19 merit ADDYs. In addition to the student winners, CAS faculty and staff won seven ADDYs: two gold, two silver and three merit. This is the greatest number of ADDY Award winners in the college’s history.

CAS Student ADDY Winners:

Student Best of Show:
Madeline Rosemurgy

Madeline Rosemurgy (2)
Jennifer Berggren
MSU AAF Cedar Banks
Vu Nguyen
Ian Gilgallon
Amanda Sullivan
Qinge Wu
Laura Ritchie
Brett Ekbad (2)
Jonathan Black
Terry Sieting

Vu Nguyen
Miranda Marguerite Miller
Qinge Wu (2)
Peter Hanley
Caiwei Zhu
Erin Newby
Lukas Miller
Jeffrey Nguyen
Brett Ekblad
Ryan Fetters
Carolyn Marie McLean (3)
Sarah Paquet (2)
Jacqueline Dumbleton
Robert Freeman Smith, Vicki Zou, Ahreum Jung
Stefanie Schmitz

Adam Anderson
Vu Nguyen (2)
Isabel Calder
Shelby Rodriguez

Sam Derian
Erin Newby
Laura Ritchie
Lukas Miller
Jeffrey Nguyen (2)
Madeline Rosemurgy
Quinge Wu (2)
Ryan Fetters (2)
Lyndsey Stormer
Robert Freeman Smith, Vicki Zou, Ahreum Jung
Jackie Dumbleton

CAS Faculty and Staff Winners:

Advertising for the Arts & Sciences:
Gold ADDY: MSU Media Sandbox Poster Series: MSU Media Sandbox – Maral Minassian Zakharia, designer – View poster set (PDF, 1.5MB).
Silver ADDY: Meaningful Play Conference materials: Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media (TISM) – Valeta Wensloff, designer, Carrie Heeter, client – View materials
Silver ADDY: Gravity Matters Little – Henry Brimmer, Larry Steinberg, copywriter, Pete Johnston, video – View Video

Collateral Material:
Merit ADDY: Vote! – Henry Brimmer, designer and Larry Steinberg, copywriter – View poster set (PDF)

Digital Advertising:
Gold ADDY: MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences Holiday Greeting by Gravity Works (and CAS Staff)

Elements of Advertising:
Merit ADDY: BitLab – Henry Brimmer, designer; Vanessa Northrop, designer – View logo (PDF)


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