Media Sandbox Michigan State University

These are the media subjects we teach in our college:

  • Animation/Special FX
  • Audio Production
  • 3D Modeling
  • Data Visualization/infographics
  • DIY/Maker/Cosplay
  • Game Design/Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration/Drawing
  • Interactive Design
  • Animation/Special FX
  • Film/Video Production
  • Web Design & Development
  • Writing

And students have several options for getting involved with Sandbox (scroll down for details):

  • COLabs: a collaborative student organization that is open to all students at any skill level.
  • Street Teams: for students with higher level skills who want to collaborate on spectacular projects.
  • Sandbox Studios: Get paid to work on real client projects through the college’s in-house media agency
  • Competitions: There are frequent competitions that can win students money.
  • Student advisory committee:
  • Sandbox on Youtube: Create a video show.
  • Share your creative work: Whatever you make, you can showcase it on this Facebook page: MSU Media Sandbox CREATE!
  • Work for Sandbox: We have paid positions you can apply for, including PR/Communications, office assistant, talent scout and occasional media projects.

In both groups, students have the opportunity to meet, play, create and learn with students from many different majors and skills, not just their own.

The COLabs:


This student organization is open to students doing any kind of media and at any skill level, from super beginner to highly skilled (although, the highly skilled may want to look into the Street Teams and Studio below). In COLab, students can get involved at different levels from collaborating with other students to make cool projects to attending workshops and activities. Together, the COLab creates events, like:

  • workshops for learning things such as software
  • activities, like how to put together a great portfolio
  • speakers who will share industry wisdom
  • field trips, like going to Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

There are also opportunities for students to work with faculty and professionals on special projects. For example, a photography professor may want to take students out on a photoshoot and a professional animator may want to create a stop motion animation with students.

We welcome students from across campus! Students who join our Sandbox coLAB can be from any college at MSU, not only the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Perhaps a biology major was into video in high school and wants to tell science stories. Perhaps a music or theater major would like to find students to who could use their skills on a film or advertisement.

Experiment. Explore. Discover. Push yourself. Fail. Succeed.

Street Teams

If you want to join a Street team, or form your own (a Street Team must have at least six [extremely talented] students from different disciplines), please email samples of or a link to your work using the Google Form here.

TRAILER: Street Team students take a road trip to SXSW and help non-profits in four cities

Out of the Box [TRAILER] from MSU Out of the Box on Vimeo.

FULL MOVIE: Street Team students take a road trip to SXSW and help non-profits in four cities

Out of the Box [FILM] from MSU Out of the Box on Vimeo.

These are groups of extremely talented, multidisciplinary students who choose their projects and work together to create portfolio-worthy media products and, quite often, change lives and make a positive impact on the world. For instance, one group of seven students from several majors raised money and traveled thousands of miles by car visiting non-profits along the way and helping them redesign and build their communication products such as websites, logos, brochures, etc. Another Street Team helped homeless children in Lansing become photographers and have a gallery showing of their work. Students must show works samples to join a Street Team.

Here is a link to a Street Team project (they called themselves, “Out of the Box”) where, among other things, they mentored homeless youth in Lansing, collaborated with a local volunteer group and donated over 93 pounds of food to the Greater Lansing Food Bank, passed out over 500 cases of water in the midst of the Flint Water Crisis, and rebranded Pictures of Hope, a project that inspires homeless youth to express their hopes and dreams through the art of photography


Share your Creative Work:

For example, you can now join MSU Media Sandbox CREATE! which is a Facebook group for ALL student and faculty art makers to share their work.  (drawers, painters, sketchers, illustrators, cartoonists, 3D artists, photographers, animators, game makers, photo illustrators and all other creative lunatics!) :

Other student groups in the college

Our college has vibrant and creative student groups in film, television, documentary, game, news and advertising design and more. These clubs are important for networking with other students as well as professionals in your field of choice. If a group doesn’t exist to suit your specific interest, then create one!





MSU Advertising Association

This group strives to provide students with valuable information about the advertising industry. Read more…

Michigan State University Association of Black Journalists

This organization is the only student branch of the National Association of Black Journalists in Michigan. Read more…

MSU Advertising Association Cedar Banks

A student-run, fully-functional advertising agency that’s making moves.
Read more…

Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunication - ASCOT

ASCOT serves as a liaison between students, faculty and the University.
Read more…

The Big Green

This online magazine is your independent, alternative publication at MSU.
Read more…

MSU Documentary Filmmakers Club

This club gives students the opportunity to produce short documentary films, and learn about the production process. Read more…

Focal Point

Focal Point is both a television news magazine show and a student news organization.
Read more…

Impact89 FM

IMPACT 89FM, WDBM East Lansing, is MSU Student-run Radio at 88.9 on the FM dial.
Read more…

ING Magazine

ing isn’t an acronym; it’s the verb ending that denotes continuous action, a reflection of the activeness of the MSU community. Read more…

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

PRSSA’s purpose is to help enhance public relations education and to connect students with professionals. Read more…

Society for News Design (SND)

SND is dedicated to improving news presentation and design in all media.
Read more…

Spartan Broadcasters

Socialize. Network. Get Hands on Experience. Join The Spartan Broadcasters today!
Read more…

SpartanEdge (LLC) is an online campus publication that serves the Michigan State University community. Read more…

Spartan International Advertising Association

Always dreamed of going abroad? Increase your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to work in an international setting. Read more…


Members of Spartasoft gain skills and experience in game development through student projects and tutorial presentations. Read more…

MSU Telecasters

Our goal is to provide undergraduate students with hands-on training and experience within the field of video production. Read more…

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MSU Media Sandbox is a creative CURRICULUM and COMMUNITY in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences at Michigan State University.