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What is the central focus of Media Sandbox?

Sandbox is a creative community that tackles complex problems and expands experiences for students and faculty beyond the classroom. It is an integrated program of cinematic arts, journalism, advertising and game development, with additional skills in graphic design, web design, app development, visual storytelling, 3D art and animation.

Sandbox is the home of an innovative media arts program that places MSU squarely in the forefront of the media world. It will embrace change, encourage innovation, inspire creativity, and change the lives of everyone it touches. Students learn how to be more creative and apply that creativity towards cutting-edge media projects. They work with faculty and industry-professional visiting instructors on real-world challenges.

A creative community of students and faculty that finds synergies with a variety of departments and disciplines in both the arts and sciences,

Today’s media world provides many outlets and opportunities for projects that are driven by storytelling, artistic, and expressive impulses. Our students and faculty will create films, documentaries, websites, games, television, and radio projects that entertain and enlighten audiences of all ages.

Sandbox is also a curriculum. Faculty and artists-in-residence provide guidance and thoughtful instruction to students so as to help form them into professional media creators. This includes a core set of knowledge, skills and creative abilities that prepare students for solving complex problems. ulty and alumni that connects a variety of departments and disciplines in both the arts and sciences.

We teach the latest tools, encourage self-expression, explore creative ways to solve complex problems, introduce expressive storytelling and presentation techniques and show you how to
make your ideas into reality.

The core tenets of our curriculum are:

Media tools
Self expression
Business of media

So What’s Next!?

  • We’re expanding Sandbox Media, our in-house production studio, to solicit more internal and external grants which will offer a wider variety of student media services and give students experiential opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Sandbox Events now staffs a full-time project manager who will work to bring in exceptional speakers, create large conferences on topics like creativity and big data, conduct smaller, hands-on workshops for professional development.
  • We’re working to expand Sandbox Competitions, including the Media Sandbox Challenge to involved multiple colleges and universities
  • Our Sandbox Creative Director (aka Karl Gude) will help to facilitate faculty and student creative opportunities and will work to build the Sandbox community in the college.
  • We’re planting seeds to launch Sandbox TV in Fall 2017.
  • We’re continually fine tuning our Sandbox curriculum, currently 14 classes, to make them the best they can be and hope to offer them up in the near future to students outside of our college.
  • Continue and enhance our existing relationships with Art, Music, Film Studies, Theater, RCAH, Computer Science, and Engineering and to find more opportunites for partnerships and collaborations.
Photos of Media Sandbox students
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MSU Media Sandbox is a creative CURRICULUM and COMMUNITY in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences at Michigan State University.